Nexuiz Community?

Alright, I've been interested in this game for the longest time and right now its only 200 microsoft points, and I'm really tempted to get it, however, with it being an only online game, is there still an online community for this game?

If so, I'll buy it, if not, then i'll skip it


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if its online only cant you try the trial and see if people are on it?

I wouldn't. The only multiplayer-centered XBLA title that I have that still has a good community is Battlefield 1943. That game is great, you should check that out.

Nexiuz community was dead a month after it came out so I wouldn't get the game unless you have friends to play it with.

Thanks Guys! I guess i wont buy it then

Dont listen to the above especially those who never played the game. The game is still very active especially on weekends. you WOULD be able to find game with your trial. By far my best purchase of 2012 and i logged in over 400 matches

^^ That's good news. I have been interested in this game as well especially now that it is cheap. I'll try the demo.