Next-Gen trade up question

I have Madden 25 for the Xbox 360 and I plan to trade up for my day one Xbox One. So how exactly do I go about this do I trade up pay the ten dollars, then load up Madden 25 on the One and it just asks me do I want to transfer my Xbox 360 MUT data. I ask because I want to bring over my MUT as I have invested a lot of money in it. From what I gather online it sounds like I need to have both my Xbox 360 and Xbox One versions. To me that means I can't sell my Xbox 360 yet which will be very annoying. I know the resale value already isn't that high but if I have to wait until after launch to sell it will be worse. Also if I have to access both at the same time that means I will have to pay full price for Xbox One version of Madden 25 correct. 


Sorry may have rambled and ranted on this post just looking for clarity.


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I think there's an explanation out there somewhere as how it works, but I think you need to save your MUT data to the cloud and then it'll be available for you on the X1. That way you can go ahead and trade in your 360 copy and pay the $10 for the X1 version.

Ok thanks. I went to Gamestop to ask if I could trade in there, they said I had to have purchased from there though.

Do it with Amazon then.