Next Fallout game

I want to see and talk about the next fallout game and to see peoples ideas, where they think it should be.


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i think it should be in new york, texas or louisiana. if the do it in texas or louisiana they should put ccr band in it. the born on the bayou song and up and around the bend, it would fit just right with the area. ccr means creedence clearwater revival, best band ever go lisent to it.

I think it should be in the west. The Fallout series belongs there. If not, I say Chicago. And Fallout music old 40s-50s. CCR is 60s.

That doesn't fit with the 50's theme, and I doubt that they will abandon that any time soon.

2013 is my estimate.

yah but fallout time is diffrent you know, the bombs fell 2077 and all that music was then so the time line is up ahead. the music range is 30-60s. they shouldt have it in the west because fallout 1, fallout 2, and  FNV was in the west and allready coverd that area, east or south would be cool. bethesda is always looking to do new stuff.

u know it would be cool for ccr to be in the game if it was in texas or louisiana. or just southern type of music. if its not going to be there it should be in the east like new york, because the statue of liberty would be cool to and the city. i know the enclave will be in the game because on EDEs recording says enclave base in chicago, so they got more bases.

i think they will release fallout trailer at next years E3, rage ur proably right it  might come out in 2013.

I'd like to see Fallout 4: Beijing, personally.