Next class-based shooter?

TF2 has run its course, and brink was a flop.  Any developers got anything good coming out?


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TF2 on the PC still alive and active at this moment apparently...

Brink didn't do as well as some people had hoped, but it wasn't a flop. With free DLC on the way and a patch to hopefully fix the network/performance problems, the game will spring back to life and probably end up with a solid community.

Brink will be ok once the patches and DLC come out.  Until then, Monday Night Combat on the XBLA is a good class based 3rd person shooter.  

As a user above had stated, TF2 on the PC is still strong. As for class-based shooters, the only other one I can think of is Borderlands, which isn't your pvp game, but it does have classes.

Battlefield is class based , albeit you can still customize each class. Look forward to Battlefield 3 this winter. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is still alive as well.

Is Brink better than CoD?

Shadowrun 2 ?