Nex Sanctum - A Whole New GTA IV Clan Experience

Nex Sanctum

Nex Sanctum - "Death's Sacred Place" in Latin - approaches the clan gaming idea from a whole new point. Instead of a cops and robbers mentality, this clan is going for a more... faction versus faction state of mind. The game is simple: there are two teams. Red and blue. Blue team is the NOOSE Tactical Response Unit Anti-Terrorism Unit. And, it gets more specific than that. On the blue team, you're the good guys. This means you have a base with lots of materials. We'll get into that later. On the red team, however, you are the New Russian Federation, and you are trying to take over Liberty City with series of terroristic attacks on the city and its people. You also have a base. This, however, only the red team can know about. The red team has the advantage of surprise, but there is also a problem: if the leader is killed, and the blue team knows who the leader is, always, and if the leader is killed, the whole red team must relocate. Here's some more information on each team.                                                                                                                                                                               

Red Team 

The red team, as stated above, is really just the terrorists. You've got the most materials to deal with, believe it or not, in terms of weapons, anyway. Your base is, well, everywhere but the airport. You've got more weapon spawns, more vehicle spawns, and all that. If you know where it is, grab it, but entering the airport means almost certain death. In short, you just have to know your way around to be successful. Whoever has the most kills in total is the leader of the red team, also known as the Czar. The Czar decides where the red team will hide out. The Czar also has most of the decision on the attack plans.                                                                                         

 Blue Team

The blue team, also as stated above, is basically the army/police. Your mission is to stop the terrorists. You've got two annihilators and two buzzards at your immediate disposal. You also have police stations with cars and APCs around the city. Your main base, however, is the airport.

Want to join? Post here with what team you want to join, and you'll be welcomed aboard! 


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