NewWorldGaming2k is open for new members

NewWorldGaming2k--[NwG] is open for new members. We require no training. At NwG all we require is you to play and compete to your best ability. NwG is a clan based solely on having fun. No commanders or leaders all we ask when being apart of NwG is respect others as well as yourself, do not trash talk, do not cheat/glitch. Also keep in mind this clan we support all multiplayer base games no limits to games or exclusions. Most games only hold 2 players online like madden or killer instinct for instance don't worry we support it, the party chat can hold a good amount of members. 

You can register at the site is officially up and running still some stuff that has to get worked it's a process still in work but, you can register and talk in the forums. All we ask while on the website is to keep it respectful no trash talk is welcome on the site. 

Again friends we are based solely on having fun with mature gamers with the same concept to their gaming style. Again we have no meaningless titles that will make the games seem like a job. get online join up with friends or others you may possibly form a bond within the games we play. Always keep in mind this games it's not that serious and it will not be made or seem like it's otherwise. NwG was created solely and based on this gaming belief and for those that feel the same way, and also NwG was created to welcome all games not just a certain few. Whatever game you follow it has a home here at NwG as well as yourself if you choose to register and join the NewWorldGaming2k community. I hope to see you register up with us friends. As our motto goes UNITED WE STAND, UNITED WE FALL. happy gaming and hope you choose NwG as your gaming community. 


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Wanting to let you know friends, that at NewWorldGaming2k we are still open for new members. We are offering freedom by not having mandatory nights we won't fault you for not playing, just simply play when you have the time personal lifes are important. Also, we are a community of mature respectful gamers that are welcoming others in this wonderful community. We started as 5 and decided collectively that we'd love to have more people join in. Also, we offer the freedom to play what you want by supporting every multiplayer game. We believe its not only disrespectful to the games but to those that follow them by limiting games, we will not exclude games or those that follow them. We hope to see you join up we also expanded out to social media by having a twitter account so if you want to keep in touch with new friends or friends it will be an easy way to use those twitter apps. I want to thank you all for your time and hope to see you if you choose to join our community. United we stand, United we fall.

Friends, NewWorldGaming2k is still open for new members. This is a casual/competitive community we do not hold meaningless practices or mandatory days with times. We ask for everyone to play to best abilities your not faulted or AWOL if you choose not to play. Play and compete to your hearts content, just be respectful, do not cheat/glitch, do not trash talk or bash members or nonmembers.

We are also allowing your friends to join up as long as they follow the simple guidelines. Again, we are working on the site to get it up and going should be up soon. We support every game that is multiplayer based. Our community is based on having fun, these are games we play, this is not a job and will not be made to be one or seem like it.

Our community is not leader based it's simply you being you and nothing else. Our community is based on friendship beliefs form bonds within the games we play that will keep us playing forever. If you choose to join this community friends we want you to do it with comfort and know it's like a home for you in gaming and that we support your game or games you play or plan on getting in the future.

Thank you friends and remember at NwG--UNITED WE STAND, UNITED WE FALL.

Check us out at

Hmm your name alone is not very appealing I Trollz KiDz

Yoshi we are all mature gamers in our community. if you want to join great, if you don't that's fine too. nobody is going to make you or force you. a gamertag shouldn't be what appeals to you anyway. it's the fact that we are a different community that offers a wide range of games we support and that we also offer freedom from regular clan core rules (we do not do any of the following: mandatory days with times, constant checking in on whether your getting on or not and if not why, we don't hold meaningless titles that will go to peoples heads).. our community though it is casual we also do compete when we want so we are a casual/competitive community. play or compete to your hearts content.

It's real simple. we don't judge, we don't trash talk or bash others or ourselves for that matter and we don't cheat/glitch. Our community is real simple and all we ask is respect others as well as yourself and play to your best ability and also play when you can get on nobody will fault you or AWOL you. hope you plan on joining if not happy gaming and i hope you get those acheivements you go hunting for.

Friends, neworldgaming is still open for all gaming in casual or competing. if your an achievement hunter look no further your welcome here. if your into competing look no further your welcome in our community. all multiplayer online games are supported, we hold no mandatory days and no faulting or AWOL'ing for not playing. Our community requires that you simply play when you can and have fun. Titanfall beta is open our community is having lots of fun with it and we'd be very happy to welcome new gamers to come in and play TITANFALL. again, we don't make you choose how to play or what to play it's simply your choice. hope to see you join us in our community happy gaming friends. United we stand, United we fall.

Yoshi I am with you don't care for the gamertag but they say we have a mature clan.but in one of my post on the xbox forums Trollz Kidz reply....Grasshopper Nipples are green yep that's real mature...

I would appreciate it if this thread be used for whats its purpose is not for bashing. if you don't want to join then don't post here. just saying. i'm not going to your thread talking down on you and your community. thank you.

War pig, people like you are the reason I do things like that. I get a kick out of people reactions and I find it hilarious when people get worked up over somthing so simple. ME saying grass hopper nipples makes me immature? Please define mature for me? I think mature as being someone who can refrain from cursing,talking crap and screaming in a mic like a 8 year old. I think me going into your thread and bumping it for you with a silly comment is far from immature and tend to think of it as "having fun" and having a good laugh. Yoshi, I would gladly change my name for the small fee of $10 into my paypal account...Interested? Did not think so. A name is a name and it is simple as that. Then thing is people who play xbox need to lighten up and have a good time...So serious, over what? You call me immature but you dont know me? I call that premature judgment, try getting to know someone before judging them.

just letting everyone know that we are still open for new gamers looking for fun gaming community with freedoms of playing when they simply can and playing whatever game they want. we support every multiplayer based game no exclusions. we are looking for mature gamers that want to have fun and make friends.

*Let me say that if your not interested please refrain from posting here for this is not your thread keep to your own. we are not spamming your thread and downing yours and your ideals. Thank You.*