Newly Formed Clan Recruiting!!!!

Me and my friend made a new clan called Shock Wolvez the site is come check us out and join don't reply saying your site sucks we know we are working on it we just can't work on that all day and we have to design new things. The games we currently play is Halo:Reach, Modern Warfare 3, and Battlefield 3 that isn't a large selection of games we know we are just starting off we a few games for the clan and when we get bigger plan to expand to more games, you can donate to the clan and all donations go towards buying more games to get the clan playing on that game as well. We are planning in the future if this clan works out to have the clan on different consoles. So check us out on the site and fill out an application we know that joining the clan is pretty easy at the moment but we will change the requirements when we are a much more popular clan, if you check us out but don't want to join that's fine spreading the word or giving us a small donation wouldn't hurt that is if you have the time to do that. I hope that some of you guys will be part of the clan soon, oh yes almost forgot if your wondering will we have to change are gamertags? Well the answer to that is not yet we are planning on having clan gamertags once we are a bigger clan were not sure how they should be someone suggested Shock Wolf name here but we will worry about that later if you think you can help the clan in anyway feel free to tell me. So go fill out those applications!


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