Newbie Starting MP. What to Know?

Hi all. Yes I'm just going to start playing Multi player today. Is there anything I need to know that will help me. 


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Oh and yeah I'm after the Achievement's, I'm hoping to get them ASAP. Once I'm done those I'm going to get the DLC. So any help will be great.

Well... Get kills, get stuns.


Now, for real help.

The best abillities you'll want to use at the beginning will probably be like smoke bomb and disguise, but use morph as soon as you get it.  Remember, this is a stealth game:  Be stealthy.  Focus stealth kills over stuns, as they're worth a lot more points.  If you know your pursuer is right there, but your target is as well, then go for the target.  If you're lucky, you might get a stun in as well.

Really, that's a lot of what you need to know.  Remember, though, have fun.  Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go play some AC: B.

Cool Thanks. This is so different then Halo and that kind of Games.

Wow am I bad at online games. The worst thing is that I get so mad. I love this game. So I don't think I'll be playing much Online.

Just going to get the DLC, just so I can get the 1000 GS. Then move on to another game.

I might be on tonight if you want some tips.  Your call, 8pm eastern time.

Firstly, don't do what half the idiots do on this game..... And that's run around like a headless chicken! If you do, your target will see you a mile off with you having a red triangle above your head!

Secondly, keep off the roofs as much as possible! Your hunters will also spot you a mile off, and will probably take the lame excuse for 100xp and shoot you!

Third, use your surrounding like crowds. If you're waiting for your abilities to restore, enter a crowd with your persona in! This way you can increase your chances of surviving and getting some lure points.... Also handy too if your targets walks by for your "Hidden" bonuses!

Last of all, pick your abilities wisely! Personally, I'd go for both defensive abilities like Smoke Bombs and Charge. Pointless using a Hidden Gun due to lack of points and the time it takes to restore..... Plus, there's nothing more annoying than getting shot in the back from someone cowarding back on a roof!

I'll post a link of a vid on YouTube that will help you improve your skills.....

Hi all!

I'm new as well, and I was wondering why you can assassinate some people by pressing the "X" button, while some others you can't?

I'll see people running around and are obviously human players, so I go by them and press "X," but nothing happens. Sometimes it works though, so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.

Thanks for any help!

You are probably playing in Wanted. In that mode you are assigned one target who you have to kill. You can only kill that person, but you can stun anyone who is chasing you (a.k.a you are their target). Other game modes allow you to kill everyone in the opposing team (depending your team's function for that round)

To the OP, this game is not that hard to get used to tbh. I started playing 2 weeks ago and I got the hang of things fairly quickly.  Stealth and observation work best for this game. If you are looking for your target in a crowed area or in a group that look all the same, watch closely (but don't make it obvious) for any human actions. I've managed to kill many people that are blended in a group just by observing actions that only human players do i.e moving around, standing in the center of the group, etc. One more thing, smoke bombs are excellent for defense AND offense. Learn to time your attacks and you are good to go

Thanks for the help ReliantFlame!

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