Newbie here..

I am really interested in trying this game.  I've been watching the "Lets Play" s on You Tube and I think it looks awesome.  But I've never played this type of game before(asyou can see from my profile).  Am I getting over my head?  And do you think trying out the earlier versions of the game will help??   I noticed one of them is on sale for $20.


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Hey there and Welcome to the world of Skyrim :D

I don't think playing the older games is essential but they are worth having a play if you can find them for good prices. I don't think you would in over your head as everyone can play Skyrim, will 5 or 6 difficulties you will be able to match the one for yourself.

Just make sure you have a few days free as this game can and will take up alot of time lol.

Obvlion is awesome!  If you decide to pick it up, make sure you buy the Game of the Year edition, or even the 5 year anniversary version as these have loads of added quests/missions packed in that the initial retail game didn't have.

As for Skyrim, it's very easy to pick up and go... remember, you can always turn the difficulty down if you feel it's too much.

Absolutely! Give it or the earlier ones a try. They are so wide open you can do just about anything you want at any difficulty setting youre comfortable with. I still love Morrowind (and I'm not alone) but it is older so the graphics won't blow you way like even Oblivion will. The Elder Scrolls will consume a large share of your life so be prepared.

Skyrim is the least complex of the Elderscrolls games, Oblivion is by far the best IMO I do still like Morrowind but that one is very difficult to get into and a lot more complex even more so then Oblivion. You don't have to play the previous games to play Skyrim (there are some easter eggs/references in the lore but that's about it).

I still love Elder Scrolls 3 Morrowind more than Elder Scrolls 4 Oblivion, but that's just me personally.  Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim is superb.  All 3 belong in a gamer's permanent collection. All 3 are stand-alone games that can be played in any sequence. There is no requirement or need to play the earlier ones first.   It's hard to answer your question about "getting in over your head" with Skyrim  If you mean level of difficulty, the answer is no. If you mean the time required to get into the middle and end game, the answer might be yes. Are you accustomed to your games taking 1 or 2 months of your life?

I'd say rent the game first before buying it new or used. That way if you don't like it or simply don't have the time to invest into Skyrim you won't be out that much money.

Yeah, you should definitely rent it first. And give it some time, when I first started playing Oblivion, I hated it, but after playing a little more, it really got better

i bought oblivion for like £5 and it was even the game of the year edition, which had the two major dlcs, knights of the nine (which i never really tried) and shivering isles, which was an amazing add on, its like an insane alternate world of mayhem/insanity, oblivion is definatly worth trying, skyrim is everything oblivion was and more, few things removed (for good reason) but plenty added in. playing skyrim after oblivion blew me away.

There's an Oblivion and Fallout 3 bundle (with all the dlc stuff) coming out very soon I read the other day for a ridiculous low price - it was something like $25 au (for comparison new games are usually about $100-$110 au).


EDIT - and there it is, April

i saw that barry on and i swear it said that the bundle of fallout 3/oblivion didn't have the dlc?

"Bethesda gave value gamers some great news today by announcing on their blog that they'll be offering a combo pack featuring Fallout 3 and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.>>>>> It should be noted that these are the standard editions of the respective games, not the GOTY editions with all of that glorious DLC<<<<... which is totally worth buying."

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