Newb Question - Should I Buy?

I generally do not like games that have no co-op or multiplayer of any kind but this game I have heard allot of good things about and is now only $20 brand new! I am just wondering how many hours of gameplay to beat main storyline and how many hours to do everything in game. Since it is an RPG I am guessing quite a bit of playtime can be gotten out of it.


Also are the 2 DLC worht buying? I will proablly not need them for a while as the game itself will last me quite some time I am just wondering for the future.


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My first character has done most of the main story line and most of the side quests, plus the Dead Money DLC and has so far registered over 100 hours of game time.  The main story can be completed in multiple ways, which adds replay value as you'll have to play the full game more than once in order to achieve the various endings.  Second and subsequent characters should be quicker since you'll already know where most things are, but should still be good for quite a few hours of gaming.  In total I spent about 400 hours of game time playing 3 different characters in FO3, and expect to put in a similar amount of time on this one.

Dead Money can be frustrating at times, but is definitely worth the money.  I can't comment on Honest Hearts as I have not played it yet.  There are three more add-ons still to come planned for release over the next few months (1 per month, I think).

Do you know if you can change the difficulty settings to make it easier?

You should definately buy it considering you can pick it up for $20 new and yes, the 2 DLCs are worth it. More than 100+ hours of content.

Yes, you can change the difficulty setting, though the game is not terribly difficult on normal.  I haven't tried it myself, so I'm not sure how many settings NV has.  If you are not used to playing this kind of game then I would definitely recommend you choose casual (vs hardcore) when you are prompted.

hands down yes. Id be satisfied with paying $60 for it, and i got it for 20. I sitll havent beat my first play through because I get side tracked with all the stuff I can do! PLUS I still have FO3 to play (which I got for $20) with all the dlc that came with the GOTY edition....

so so much to do this summer. =P

You might want to consider setting NV aside and playing the heck out of FO3 first.  That way by the time you are ready to get back into NV more of the DLC should be ready.  Never know, one of the ones that hasn't come out yet may have some game-changing goodies, not to mention the fact that every add-on for NV will add 5 levels to the cap.

Buy the heck out of this game. It's really quite good. And the value of playtime you get for it is overwhelming.

That's probably somethiong of a loaded questiojn on these forums, but I'll try & be as fair as I can.  I prefer it vastly more to Fallout 3.   The game can be as in depth as you make it,  If you go straight through with the storylines I imagine you could argueably finish the game by anywhere between levels 10 to 14 possibly less depending on what you do & don't.  I only have the Dead Money DLC at the moment & it's a bit of a different take then the main game, more survival based. 


Advice that I'd give, save often & have more then 1 save.  


Strengths of FNV

  • Ability to make things (general aid items & ammo).
  • Karma isn't a blanket thing like in Fallout 3.  One of the things that annoyed me in F3 was that if you were good you were known as good everywhere & vice versa, even in places you've never been to before.  In FNV just 'cause you might be liked in Goodsprings, doesn't necessarily mean you'll ne liked in Novac or by the NCR, etc. 
  • Lot's to explore.
  • Enemes don't level with you, this annoyed me in Fallout 3.  

Weaknesses of FNV

  • Glitchy/buggy.  Prone to freezes once a savefile got over a certain size, typically over 4MB.  the current patch (1.05) seems to be doing tis job though. 
  • Music was more varied in Fallout 3. 
  • No Bobbleheads, I liked those in Fallout 3 since they actually game you things (either improved STATS or skills permanently).
  • They didn't go far enough with making things.  I'd have adored to actually be able to make & sell armor. 

Meh stuff

  • Feels emptier then F3.  Well it is set in the Mojave. 
  • The first Fallout I can think of where you don't begin from a Vault per se.

Yes all the way...

Absolutely, get the game, Idk about doing all of FO3 first like someone suggested, this game is expansive even w/o DLC.  I got waaaay more than the 40 i payed for it out of it with no DLC.

My take on FO3 vs FO:NV:

Fallout 3 focus is on Karma (bad or good karma determines some side quests you can do, what areas you can go to, who hunts you periodically), is set in a ruined city setting, and, for the most part, you help the same people do the same thing at the end no matter what.  The only variation in ending is a decision you make in the last 2 minutes of the game.  Unlike FO:NV, you were able to craft custom weapons, some of which were pretty imaginative.

Fallout NV focus is on Reputation (things you do against a group of people can impact their reaction to you in numerous ways, even get you "shoot on sight" status or even hunted while out in the wastes), is set in a desert with the ruins of las vegas in the center (and as such, you can gamble in the casinos and such), and has 4 different endings, some with multiple paths to get there.  You can feel an impact of your even early game decisions late into the game if you angered the wrong people.  There are 8 recruitable companions, each with a story to them, and quests you can do to help them with their personal affairs.  What you do for them, and what you do in the process of some of the other quests in the game, will give closure and show subendings to said quests/people after the game is over.  There is a hardcore setting in which you need to eat, drink, and sleep periodically to stay alive, companions can die permanently, health from stimpacks comes back gradually instead of instantly, and ammunition takes up inventory weight.

I personally enjoyed the NV story and ending(s) much more than FO3.

NV is buggy, but if you DL the update and keep autosaves on you'll be ok.  I only had some freezes closer to the end of my playthrough.

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