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About xLegendZx

xLegendZx Is a community not an independent gaming clan. There are no age limits however if some of our members don't like the way the younger ages speak or play then we will split xLegendZx up into two sections one for the younger ages and other for the older ones. At xLegendZx no one is singled out and there can be a chance for everyone to be promoted. We all respect each other and like to have fun.


Members - Recruiting

Recruiter - Recruiting - [5]

Moderator - Recruiting [3]

Admin - Recruiting [2]

Owner - Recruiting [2]

Founder - Closed 

Our ranks are different! We have a founder [TylerGB] Which takes control of the clan and leads them to victory along with the owners. We have owners separately. As the Founder i think i can't control the clan on my own and help them 24/7 i need help. So i decided to make it clear that i'am the founder however the owners will take control if needed.


Call Of Duty - Black Ops - Modern Warfare 2 - World at War - Modern Warfare 3

Grand Theft Auto - Grand Theft Auto IV, The Ballad Of *** Tony.

Fifa - Fifa 12 - Fifa 11 - [Clubs] [Ultimate Team] [Quick Match] [Etc]

And Many Many More! 

Website / How to apply!                                                      

You can choose how to want to apply:

Via Website - http://xlegendzx.enjin.com/

Or Message TylerGB saying you want to join and i will take it from there.      

People find it easier different ways so i choose these two to make it easier.

What the clan needs!

-Someone good with Enjin.com

-Graphic Designer

-Members - Ranks Above

-Dedicated Members

-Idea - Suggestions

Rules / Requirements 

- No Age Limit

- Respect Staff and members

- Don't have to have mic

- If with the young members don't use abusive behaviour 

- Dedicate your self to the clan

- Try post on website or advertise


Also Please comment if you think it would be a good idea to split the Young members up with the Older members. I may also let the older ones choose what sections they want to be in [Young to teach them about the game and etc] Or old to have fun and not to worry about the children.

Thank you Owner / Founder of xLegendZx

Gamertag Change - [Not Required] 

May change bio to xLegendZx or involve it in some way with your profile!



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