New Xbox

What do you want in the next Xbox hardware?

I would like to see : 

-Slot loading drive

-8Gb Ram (minimum)

-SSD HDD (250Gb)

-Gb ethernet port


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A console with those specs would be outrageous. Meaning an average person could not afford it. Why would you need 8gb of ram on a console, my laptop only has 4gb.

ram is getting much cheaper

just put in what you want

I'm talking about the solid state drive...and still 8gb of ram is pretty much overkill for a console. you're not going to be doing that much mulit-tasking.


I just want a better graphics card and at least a gig of ram, everything else is fine

Also better quality in the components inside of it. Quality is always better than quantity.

dont forget better quality testing, MS don't need another RROD incident

The only reason it RROD was because the motherboard was allowed to flex too much and it caused connectors to break. Any console/machine is prone to failing because it only last so long. Look at the new consoles, there haven't been that many new RRODs lately because they fixed the problem. Microsoft has learned from there mistakes.

No matter how they test it, someone will come along and find what they missed.

I think the next Xbox (and PS3) will be either profitable at launch, or at break even point. Nintendo always make a profit on their hardware from launch and they have obviously done very well. I think the next Xbox won't be launched until 2013 or 2014 and won't use cutting edge technology. I am expecting a large increase in processing power but not massively so. Native 1080P will be achievable for all games at good frame rates.  Probably use about 3GB ram and low cost CPU/GPU coupled with a 500 GB hard drive. Think solid state hard drive will still be too expensive at the required size.

both intel and Amd are working on new 3d cpus now wheres theres cores within cores

Even though it won't happen - allow developers the option to create a 'cloud operated' version of the game. It'd come with the regular game as an extra feature for those with live subscriptions - basically it runs the game off of microsofts servers instead of your console. The servers would have more powerful tech so the games themselves would have graphics equal to those of the PC version. This way we don't have to start seeing graphics on our games looking inferior to PCs as the years pass by and it's a good mash-up between the future and what we have now (since you still get the hard copy after all and you still need the disk inserted in your console).

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