New Xbox. Where is my karkand stuff?

My hd died so I replaced it and decided to get a R2 unit as well. So I installed game to hd and did updates. It redownloaded the online pass but I noticed while playing I had no new weapons. So to confirm I tried to join a karkand map. Said I was missing a download. Go to store and it doesn't show. Did I miss a trick to this?


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Go to your recent downloads and look for it. It might be there.

You didn't keep your old HDD and use a transfer cable to copy all your old data to your new HDD? It's what I did.

Account -> Download History -> Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Update

That's what you have to redownload to unlock B2K.

Should of used a transfer cable... Anyways. Re-download it from your history like everyone else has stated and don't forget to re-download everything else.

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Thanks for suggestions. Guess my hard drive dying didn't quite read correctly as hd :)  I get lazy at work and just typed hd instead of HDD. I could swear I downloaded this with the patches. So redownloading now.

it does not show up as a back to karkand download it shows up as an update , had the same problem when i got my Star wars console last week!!!

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when ever you get a new xbox system for your own personal use, you need to transfer your DRM License over to your new system.