New Xbox owner looking for a Clan/Community

I bought a Xbox yesterday and I am looking for a group of gamers to play with. I play pretty much every game on.the 360 so it doesn't matter what I go into.

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Tired of immature and obnoxious kids ruining your xbox live experience? Do you have a life outside of gaming?? I want you to check out Fractured Gamers!! We are a 18+ mature clan looking for new members. What makes us unique is our clan is focused on the member, not jumping through hoops, we don't even have tryouts, you join simply by saying you want to be part of it. We offer a squeaker free environment, clan tourneys, member game nights, and have many other game divisions such as MW3, BF4, COD ghosts, GTA V, Borderlands 2, Minecraft, Forza, HALO 4 etc. that you can check out as well. Most importantly the men and women here are laid back and friendly, we don't judge you on your gaming ability, we want members with great personalities who enjoy friendly competition. If you are interested check out our website and look around. If you have any further questions feel free to get a hold of me on xbox live, my GT is Dirk Pike, or you can pm me at our website.

We are currently recruiting players of all skill levels. Our only requirements are a headset for party chat and that you are an honourable player (i.e. no spawn killing, t-bagging, etc.)

If you are interested in joining the clan message us on gamertag: bongoband or email *** Email address is removed for privacy ***  for further details.

We have members based in UK, USA and Canada. Professionally run clan with ranking system and possibility of advancement. Looking for new members that have leadership skills to go into our fast track officer school to become squad leaders. Don't want to be a leader? No problem join as a Trooper.

Visit our website at

we are not a clan but a group of players who meet together for fun and non competitive play you'd  be welcome to join us at