New Xbox one gaming clan looking for potential Founders, leaders, high ranks and members!

Hi my names Jake and i have been in many clans that i loved that went down and so i decided to start my own. I'm looking for anyone that wants to be known as a founder of a clan or a leader/high rank. I really want to have an army style system of ranks and want everyone to have a rank and a purpose. My goal is to have many divisions on different games and eventually go bigger to PC and xbox 360. But for now it will be just an xbox one clan with really any multiplayer game. People can request any game and i will make a decision. I want the clan to be more of a community and group of friends than just a "clan" I really want everyone to be friends and play together. Anyone interested in starting a clan getting a possible high-rank spot just make an application.

Division ranks high to low:

When i say recruits i mean each rank not a total number.

Private- PVT Starting rank 
Private first class- PFC 2 recruits
Corporal- CRP 4 recruits
Sergeant-SGT 4 recruits
Staff Sergeant- SSG 5 recruits
Master sergeant- MSG 8 recruits and you start learning how to train recruits.

Warrant officer-WO1 To reach this rank you must be able to train and have 3 recruits and 5 trained recruits.
Lieutenant 0-2 2LT 1LT To earn these ranks you must have 5 recruits and 5 trained recruits.
Captain- CPT To earn this rank you must have 10 recruits and 10 trained recruits.
Major- MAJ To earn this rank you must have 10 recruits and 10 trained recruits
Colonel- COL To earn this rank you must have 15 recruits and 10 trained recruits
General- GEN To earn this rank you must be picked by a higher clan rank and you must have been a colonel for at-least a month. YOU LEAD THE DIVISION! Deciding meeting times as well as game nights or events with the events leader and the co-founder.
Clan ranks are higher ranks that have been in the clan for a long time or have truly earned the rank.

Cinema leader- Runs cinematic runs the YouTube channel including the intro, YouTube icon and background.

Web designer- Designs the website creating forum pages and donation buttons as well as other features.

Designer- They make GFX things for the clan web page and YouTube channel.

Event Leader- Plans events like tournaments and clan battles.

News leader- Shares anything new with the clan and gives reviews about games, consoles, accessories will work with the cinema leader.

Co-Founder- helps the founder with things like talking to all new members and keeping track of certain things they are also very, very, very trusted and follow a big portion of the founder role.

Founder- Anyone that helps with the beginning of the clan must be extremely trusted. They decide ranks, divisions and division names as well as who is placed in what rank. They also run the website and are very, very, very trusted people only trusted by me. They make big clan decisions and help keep the clan alive. Founders will know passwords to website and the youtube channel. They have the final say in everything.
Anyone interested post an application and add me on xbox live OgE Vultuss. Just an fyi this clan does not require name changes or to be on a certain amount of time. The only people that need to be on a lot are the higher ranks.

Xbox live gamer-tag-
Rank you would like to apply for (Clan Ranks)-
Why you should be this rank-
Time zone-
Time available-
What you bring to the clan-


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Xbox live gamer-tag- PearsonONE

Rank you would like to apply for (Clan Ranks)- Starting Rank

Why you should be this rank- I am new to clans, want to get a deeper understanding of what responsibilities there are in higher ranks and work my way up :)

Time zone- GMT, UK.

Time available - Most of the time, I am quite active on Xbox. I play most days apart from Monday's when I have University & Basketball Practice at night.

What you bring to the clan - I would bring a dedicated attitude, always willing to help. Friendly, easy to talk too. Will do whatever it takes to win in multi-player games and am willing to play as part of a team rather than for personal gains.

Age- 19.