new Xbox not recovering character skins/weapon skins?????

I own a new xbox" Slim" and carry my profile on a memory stick for when i travel to friends house etc.

I went to a friends house and re downloaded the skins I purchased to his HD so I could use them when I was signed in. He also has a '"slim" with HDD.

For some reason my character skins and exclusive character skins do not show up and I have no access to them!

I went to another friends house who has an old xbox model and everything worked fine when I recovered the content to use.

Has anyone had any issues with the new xbox consoles and recovering your content ....any help would be nice.


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same here i carried my account on a usb and it broke so when i recoverd my account i didnt have griffen or adam fenix i lost them

I can't access any of my new content either. It all shows in my download history but only my son's account can use them. I have tried to fix this with Xbox support and they couldn't fix it. At which point they referred to it as an in game issue that has to be resolved through Epic

which characters ? the beta ones are save dependent.