Okay so a few days ago, I posted that my Xbox 360 (Jasper Elite 2010 Phat) console had suffered from the update for the new disc format, Not only did it mess up my DVD drive and ability to play games, It messed up my download content, I can't download anything, it always gets to 99% and then BAM, Can't download..

After calling up Xbox Support and telling them about this issue, Apparently my 3 year warranty (with MS) only covers the Red Light errors, So...can someone explain to me how a fully working console, that I've not had problems with..suddenly breaks down due to the update, and apparently i need to PAY to get it fixed? yeah...great support right there..Yay for unstable updates and lack of intelligence..

Anyway I figured, I'm not going to pay £60-£70 on a repair, you know? a repair that was not necessary until that corrupted update? So went to the nearest Argos and purchased myself a 250GB Slim console, After getting everything set up, Recovering profile, license transfer blah blah blah, It seems my content STILL suffers from this issue.

I have went through all of the troubleshooting steps indeed, and it's definitely not my connection or Region for that matter, it worked perfectly fine before like i said, However I DID indeed check out the status of all of my hardware, And it does seem normal...


So...Is there going to be a solution? because I know for a fact it's not just me that suffered from this, I've never had a problem with MS or Xbox Support before, Always been my one way step to greatness, But I'm kind of ticked off here, Fully working Xbox reduced to an interactive friends list, and a new console that still suffers from download content.




Any advice / solutions would be nice.

If not, next time, I'm going with Nintendo all the way...because this is rediculous.


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