New xbox??? 720

I was thinking of getting the Starwars xbox but keep hearing the 720 is gonna be coming out. I don't wanna spend my money to find out that I need to spend more money. Can anyone please help me?


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Microsoft has not set a date for 720 and didn't show it off at E3 show i thank it going be out any time soon

There has been no official announcement, so no one knows exactly when it will come out. The star wars Xbox however is an extremely cool XBOX and is a must have for any star wars fan. Personally I would get the star wars Xbox as the XBOX 720 hasn't been announced yet so I doubt it will be released this year or next year.

Yesterday there was a leak of a 56 page document about the Xbox 720 and the future of the Xbox 360. It was not fake because who would take the time to make all 56 pages for something that is not real? Microsoft's had their law firm promptly remove the document. It will have a new Kinect sensor V2. The 720 will not be released until December of 2013. You can find articles about it. I am willing to bet that the 720 will be the biggest thing at next year's E3.

You know, there's been leaks and rumors like that for the past 5 years. Whether it's announced at next years E3 or not, it's still a year away until it's even announced. It could be 2 - 3 years before it's actually out.