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think there will be any cheat-codes for '14 ?  :)

Don't think so and we don't need them anyways I wrestle circles in SP on the hardest difficulty,plus if you buy the season pass DLC you unlock everything anyways.

Yeah there wont be any reason for cheat codes, with the season pass and accelerator to unlock everything...  the AI has been made alot harder this year though so obviously they tweaked it big time.

I got WWE 2K14 for PS3 and I love that the AI is harder now but it still can't keep me down I played so much WWE 13 that I can block,counter and put down my opponent I only reached WM 10 so far in story mode and I am loving it 10/10 game for me.

even with the accelerator I have for wwe 13, i cant get past the first bout in the attitude era, and I suspect I will have the same problem in '14, but I am going to get it, and hope,lol. I am not "skilled" at these type's of games, and feel less than happy when i pay for it and in essence cannot play the whole game, but, hope springs eternal,so I will keep trying. Am practicing hard in universe-mode for now,so,we'll see. Have fun all !

you can just turn those modes to easy lothlore, and it wont make it were you dont get the achievements either... 2k14 has that option to that when you start 30 years of wrestlemania mode you can put that mode on easy,      30 years of WM is great until you get to the PG era wm matches  cause they suck lol....  sorry im older guy so I dont care for the PG era myself..

i just heard about this community creation section where you can up/download people's created wrestlers...any wrestler that you are missing/hoping for can be attained just by typing his/her name. ...granted they are unofficial recreations, but good nonetheless and will save you plenty of time trying to create your own.... this person shows you how to get jeff hardy...



Some of these people get so detailed with their CAW's on the Community Creations though, you cant tell half the time between their creations and the actual developers creations.