New Wager Match idea

A wager match that only gives players every special gun from the zombie modes to use in a free for all game mode. Not sure if it will work, they will have to tweak the weapons a bit if they were to do it.


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That would be great! I would love to turn people into babies and kick them, haha.

I dont do Wager Matches, so no biggy to me.

Wouldn't this Wager Match mean you had to own all of the Map Packs though? Forgive me if I am wrong, but the guns are contained within the map pack rather than the game disc. Weapons such as the Scavenger and the Human Gun are part of the content downloaded in the package, rather than actual game content I think. I won't say for certain but I'm reasonably sure. Still, it'd be a fun concept for those with the map packs!