I learned this today on accident, but with the VR-11 - upgraded or not. If you shoot a team member with it, he will be invincible for about 30 seconds. He will litterally have the vision of a zombie, so to other zombies he is a zombie, and therefore will not be attacked. I just want you guys to be informed of this!!


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An option to make it useful would be nice.  It's a waste of a weapon unless you're doing the easter egg.

I really wish they wouldve put monkey bombs or gersh devices in this

Theres GOT TO BE SOMETHING more to that weapon. I cant see it being as useless as it appears to be.

just found this


Have you shot someone that was down with it. Wonder if they mite get revived

Nice find

I agree. It is a terrible weapon to use if you aren't doing the easter egg. A LMG would be much more effective for zombies.

VR11 has some usability in MP - just not in solo.

You can get other zombies or george to chase after humans buying you some time and space.


You can send george away for a round or two

You can calm george down if he is angry anywhere by shooting him

So, it has some use.  I wish it had a splash effect when packapunched though...

its only good if you have a team of 4