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Hey guys what are some ways/quests you can complete to get the NCR to like you more again?

The reason I ask is use to since I had that one perk that gives you more options with male charcters and the guy inside of the NCR outpost would do free repairs for me, which makes things sooooooo much less expensive and aggrivating haha. But I had done a few missions that caused the NCR to dislike me and I had did literally all of the NCRs quests that I can find, everything at the Outpost and Caravan but the most it got me back to was "Mixed" and the guy inside I guess wont do the free repairs unless you are in good terms with NCR.


Anyone know of what I could do?


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You can try talking with David Crowley inside the NCR HQ on the strip to fix your rep but you need pay or make some missions to him ; if remember well.

Here's a list of all of the NCR quests. The location of the quest is in the bottom of the picture.



After the NCR likes you a certain amount, they give you the NCR emergency radio.  It's very helpful.  Every 24 hours you can call in either a supply drop, a NCR Trooper, or a NCR Ranger.  I always called in a Ranger because they're pretty strong, and when they die you always get their NCR Ranger Patrol Armor and a Cowboy Repeater.  You can have two companions plus a Ranger with you at all times.  It makes your early levels much easier.


Arrgh, you just reminded me of my most annoying experience playing New Vegas...

Thanks a lot guys!