new vegas GOTY when?

the topic is pretty obvious, when should we be hearing about the goty for this game? should be pretty soon, right? i mean fallout 3 goty came out about a year after the original, and fallout new vegas came out almost a year ago. i really want to play it and the dlc's on my ps3


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well lonesome road has only recently been realised back in september, but i've heard from forums that it might be expected in febuary. In the mean time we just have to wait to hear from bethesda has they probably have their hands full with skyrim for the time being.

Already confirmed for February 2012

not for me, i hate my gremlin-esq bad luck with computers, and electronics in general to a lesser extent.

Fair enough

if i had a computer that could run new vegas, or any other video game that wasn't starcraft, i would've bought it for pc. honestly, i have to prop my laptop on my fan, one of those metal floor fans that sound like a airplane taking off on the lowest setting, just so it doesn't overheat and crash five minutes after i turn it on. i actually have/had an awesome desktop that could run crysis on high, but it's basically a lemon...but regardless, i want it for the ps3 because that's the system i use most and i hate hauling my xbox around everytime i need to update or theres a demo i want or i have mspoints i want to redeem. the alternative is to use the tv its plugged into now, and that's not an alternative i want to experience. i also don't really mind paying for a game twice if its a game i know i'll spend hundreds of hours playing, i did it for fallout 3 too, but there extenuating circumstances...

By the way, why do you want to buy New Vegas again, and for PS3 no less?  If anything, you should buy it again for PC, not another identical console version

obviously, i wrote both threads