New Vegas DLC?

I got Dead Money but i thought it was very disappointing so i haven't invested in the rest. Just wonderin if i should get the rest of the DLC. opinions please


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Yes.  Old World Blues is very good, as is Lonesome Road.  Honest Hearts is alright

I love old world blues. And lonesome rode is sick.

i think old world blues is too much of a go here, get that, comeback, rinse and repeat. lonesome road is the best in my opinion.

I really liked Old World Blues. It was my favorite DLC. Lonesome road I actually didn't really like, but it has some nice loot.

Lonesome Road and Old World Blues are good, with Lonesome Road being great, while Honest Hearts is very tedious and rather limited.


Dead Money is a good survival experience but it can get a little tedious.

As someone who bought all the DLCs I'd have to say I wasn't very impressed with them


•Dead money was too combat/stealth focused (some nice rewards however)

•Honest Hearts was to short (but IMO the best)

•Old world blues was go here go there (good first time, boring every other)

•Lonesome road was well done, but there was just something about it I hated. I have no interest in going through it again.

and Gunner Runner's arsenal and Courier's stash were worth it if you had the spare microsoft points.

Truthfully i like them all, but if you want to enhance your fallout gameplay (as in have more fun) i recommend you buy the rest of the DLC, not only does it add a few extra hours of gameplay but also includes new weapons and armour for  you to use in the mojave wasteland. i have all the DLC's and have started a new game many times just to do them again i find them that fun. Sometimes some quests in the DLC's can be pretty bland such as some of the quests in Old World Blues, but never the less still include much fighting action, for example in Old World Blues where ever i went there was always something there wanting to kill me, action is what these DLC's are full of. so i definitely recommend getting them all.

Honest Hearts story is meh.  But the scenery is awesome, IMO at least, has some cool loot and there is a really cool story you can read through journal entries.


Old World Blues was the best in my opinion, funny and a good story, but as some have said it could be looked at as a lot of fetch and go.


Lonesome Road was pretty cool, but I was personally somewhat disappointed for reasons that would spoil.   Mostly because it had be hyped, alluded to, since the game first game out and it just didn't live up to it for me.


All are good IMO though, but I'm a big fan of these games.

Quick question, which of the DLCs let you continue your character?

@UnyoBro - Each DLC lets you continue in the main quest once you've finished up.

OP - I wouldn't let Dead Money discourage you from trying the others. Personally I didn't care for Dead Money at all, except for the rewards. Too constrictive, too confined. The strong point of it for me was the survival aspect of it, being stripped of your gear and having to face fairly tough enemies with not much ammo around. It definitely favors melee/unarmed builds.

Lonesome Road was my favorite by far because Uylesses was such an interesting character. Also, it was intriguing to learn more about the Courier's past. The path itself is rather linear but I didn't mind it that much. There are still ruins to search and a lot of loot to gather.

Old World Blues definitely captures the humor of Fallout and is the most memorable because of all the wacky characters in the Sink. I agree with others, the fetch quests were strong with this one. Going through that stealth simulator several times was such a chore. The rewards are great though, and the safe house is unrivaled by anything in the game.

Honest Hearts was cool, but to be honest (no pun intended) I don't really recall much about it. I only played through once and I was pretty determined to get through as fast as I could. The survivalist's story was the most interesting part, and Graham's connection to one of the main quest factions helped to tie the stories together. Desert Ranger armor is not too shabby either ;)

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