new update questions

so couple of questions maybe some one on here can answer.... first is there any way to spawn villagers with a profession in survival if so how do i spawn said villagers? anlso is anyone else having a hard time finding chickens after the update? i havent seen one yet


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oh yea one more thing.... is there a way to get carrots of they dont spawn in the villages off the start?

This is a good way for getting Villagers you want, I used this way for my underground Village. Chickens need a patch, they have been coded wrong so they don't spawn as much (they're in the patch next notes) and no for the carrots; until they update zombies to drop them and potatoes (again next patch update)

ahhh cool man thanks a lot... wish i hadnt stated to build my mansion now... i wanted those carrots

Does anyone else have a Problem to make Jungletrees (The Big Ones) in the new Tutorial-World ?

Was try at my other Saves and there i can make them. Even in the last TU-World, what is the same World like now.

I couldn't grow 2x2 jungle tree's outside of the jungle. I'm sure it's suppose to be that way because I couldn't do it before the update.

You can still build your mansion,  just put the carrot part on hold buddy.

There are many new problems with this new update, I've seen stone that was next to lava kept lighting on fire, and many blocks keep reappearing after you destroy them which doesn't give you the material but still uses the items durability making it still break.

i can only find chickens in the jungle bio

i don't seem to have carrots also

lol too late now... I started a new seed as soon as i read i cant get carrots... i want to enjoy the new update to the fullest and ride a pig around my mansion XD

thanks for the tip on finding chickens in the jungle i think i'll look there for one. all i need is one and i can build a chicken coop

the block not breaking glitch is kinda annoying but not too bad... i find it happens to me a lot when im standing on the block im trying to break... what really annoys me is when i hit the Y button and my first equipped item gets put into my inventory, which is always my sword. can make for a bit of a pickle at times

OK, thanks. Try out at the Jungle and my 2x2 grow up. Be still confused, because it was working on any Dirt-Based-Ground before (And still works with my older saves). But ok, i will remember for every new Map i try :-)

Yeah, that Double-Tap thing is annoying, but its not only the Y-Button, but also the B-Button i think. Because if i trade with a Villager and close the Window, i often hear a Double-Tap-Sound.

* Please try a lower page number.

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