new update doesn't allow me to be in party chat when playing online?

was this an intended part of the update> because if so than i'm not impressed. everytime I try to join a match while in a party with my friend it says i cannot play online unless i'm in the game chat channel, meaning I have to talk to everyone in the game. then it asks if i want to switch channe now. if i say no, it kicks me from the online match. If this was intended than I don't see why i can't chat to my friends only when playing online with them. that makes the whole concept of party chat pointless.

and this isn't just the new face off mode, this is the old game modes as well.


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It's one thing after another with this game. You should see CoD Elite's Twitter feed, it mostly consists of apologies for their constant *** ups, pretty much on a daily basis.

that sux i used to play ffa all the time while chatting to mates. so i'm guessing its just the community playlists that the updates changed, however, i was playing faceoff earlier in a party to my mate while he was playing in another lobby, then the moment he joins mine the message came up, so it allowed me earlier but it wont now... strange...

I know that in the new FFA game type you have to be in game chat. In regular game modes you can still be in a party.