New Update Broke Notification Settings

I always have my Notification Settings set so that they are hidden when any type of video is playing.  After this update even with it still set to hide them I was forced to see pop ups telling me when people got online during video playback.  This is highly annoying as the last thing I want to see is **** popping up on my screen as I try to enjoy watching a move/tv show. 

Please fix this asap.


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In the meantime, have you tried changing your online status to 'busy' when watching netflix? Or just turning notifications completely off?

I've just tested a few things.

Notifications on. Don't show during videos. Still got notifications as you have.

Notifications off. No notifications during video.

Notifications on. Online status 'busy'. No notifications during video.

Yeah I am having this same problem. My setting still show after the Netflix update that the notifications are disabled while streaming video. I talked with Netflix chat and they said that they aren't allowed to do a lot with Xbox settings. They did look into it not just brush me off.  They gave me the number to call 1-800-469-9269 I haven't called it yet since its late while I post this.

Didn't figure I was alone. I hope it gets fixed soon.

I really like the update other than that. The App is more user friendly, faster, and easier on the eyes.

Same here, a little annoying.

I've been watching Netflix on Apple TV because I can't get the IR flasher to stay stuck to the Slim.  I wanted to watch Flight (Denzel Washington) in 1080p (ATV is only 720p) and was so infuriated when I kept getting popup notifications every time someone logged on to Live.  I turned off the Xbox and went back to ATV to watch the rest of the movie.  Does anyone from Microsoft read these?

Same here, very annoying with a full FL.

Same issue, it's really starting to bug me. Granted it's nice to know that setting myself to busy will fix it temporally but that's extra work when all you want to do is go straight to Netflix and watch a show... It's getting very annoying and setting myself to 'busy' is just work. Isn't that the whole point of kinect and stuff? So we can be even lazier.    XD

Thanks for the tip on setting the status to "busy." It's a tad lame that you have to do this now, but at least it's better than turning all notifications off. I missed several Party invites and achievement pops this weekend which was quite annoying. I wish Microsoft would fix this, but I think us 360 users are now second-class citizens.

Problem still happens, and the Netflix app does also not respect when I set Kinect not to respond to voice commands after this update. The problem is, the app reacts to people speaking in the movies, in random ways I cannot describe.

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