New Update All single "Core" Modes gone just "Bombs & Flags"

New update All single "Core" Modes gone just "Bombs & Flags"

If this happens on the next update how would it effect you?
(Most hardcore players are outraged because of this update..if it does not effect you in a negative way then why complain because we are concerned about something we have grown accustomed to)

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this update was a big mistake if you ask me and i am a hardcore player

They can go *** themselves. Steal our money for the map pack and then as soon as it's been bought, then change the game modes around to *** everyone who enjoys a particular game type.

How does this benefit anyone, including Treyarch by implementing this 'moshpit of ***'?

Core mode is where the majority play.

They should have a lot of playlist changes. For one the starting menu should be Core Hardcore Bones and No Parties. Then within those should be All Maps Pack 1 Pack 2 Pack 3. Then within those should be each gametype, groundwar  and a single Moshpit. I'm sick of barely playing a map pack once a new one comes out. I paid for them and should be able to play them when I want.

Housedaclown..Of course Core is where the majority play..When you first start off you are forced to play "Core" until you level up to unlock Hard Core. Some people never leave. Besides..I look at the number of people on Hard's alot so why treat us like our money didn't help support the game also. Hard core was fine before the update why not change it back?