New Uniform+Coop info DLC... TOTALLY bugged, other DLC gets corrupted and you risk to lose your charas!! HELP!!

Ok, I was stupid enough to get lured like a moth to a flame to the new DLC just 'cause it was free, I mean the one featuring the Soldier Uniform and the content for the Coop of (I think) the Traitor Keep quest (wich I never got anyway)... well, I shouldn't have, and you don't as well!


What happened? Well, as soon as I rebooted the console after downloading it, this new 800something MB DLC completely screwed my Original English Voice pack DLC... everybody was silent, even during cutscenes, and music was lowered as well. If I start a new chara and select the default language included (italian in my case) everything works fine, ppl talk again and so on, of course not in english; but if I create another one selecting english again... no use, everything's silent again.


So I did what anyone would do, I deleted this new SoldierUniform+CoopContent DLC.


But guys, it's the most bugged franchise ever we're talking about and it couldn't be that easy... in fact, even though the English Voice DLC got restored, 2 of the 3 charas I have (the 1st and the 3rd to be precise) couldn't be accessed anymore showing 2 bare mannequins because now "You do not have the required downloadable content necessary to load this save game." OBVIOUSLY I would add, wouldn't you?


What DLC would you ask? But of course the new SoldierUniform+CoopContent I just deleted... and the fun thing is that those 2 charas were created long before I downloaded it for the first time, one before that f****** DLC was even released! How could those 2 charas be related so much to it?


So I had to download it again, getting the English Voice pack screwed once again.


The 2 characters were restored but now I'm stuck playing without english original voices, and with all those annoying spheres indicating other players floating around the whole game, hearing their voices/sound even in the Sanctuary.


But hey, I got a free soldier uniform.

Thanx again Lionhead.


Anyway, can someone help me? At least, how can I hide the other players floating spheres? Has anyone had these same bugs?


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There is a new DLC pack for Fable 3? What.

did you try reseting your game volume settings in the santuary. try turnung down the music and sound effects and up the vioces. also toggle the subtitles a few times.

also the trators keep quest happens after the darkness battle. you beat the game first.

I'll try!