New Types of Peacekeepers

There is only one type of Peacekeeper in Crackdown 2. Why not put more kinds Peacekeepers? It will make it easier to deal with Freaks and Cells and ordinary Peacekeepers can be easily be overwhelmed by Freaks and can easily be killed by Cell Armoured Juggernauts. Here are some suggestions for the new Peacekeepers

CQC Peacekeeper

-Carries the Shotgun ( Occasionally carries the SMG ) and the Grenade.

-Good for dealing with Freaks and Cells in tight spots.

-Terrible at Long Range.

-Fairly Good Armour.

Advance Peacekeeper

-Carries the Ultra **** Rifle and Proximity Mine.

-A few can easily kill several Cell soldiers or small hordes of Freaks.

-Just like normal Peacekeepers they are easily killed by Cell Armoured Juggernauts.

-Very good armour.

-Appears ounce you've captured 8 Tatical Locations and only appears in the Vergotten Areas and Unity Heights.

Javelin Peacekeeper

-Carries the Rocket Launcher or Grenade Launcher may also carry the Shrapnel Grenade.

-Can go toe-to-toe with Cell Armoured Juggernauts and a few Pounders.

-Very Slow and can be outflanked by normal Cell Soldiers and can be easily swarmed by Freaks.

-Can take alot of punishment.

-Extremely Rare to see roaming Pacific City. Most of them are found guarding Tactical Locations and Agency Island.


If it is not going to happen in Crackdown 2 atleast include the new Peacekeepers in Crackdown 3 if there is going to be one.



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