new to xbox,catching up on classics

i dont know if people are still playing this,but my question is once you have finished the main story line are you able to go back in a free roam style to collect the thing you missed,riddles and achievements or do you have to go through the story again?


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Yes, you are able to free roam and collect things you might have missed or couldn't get early in the game because you might not have had the equipment at the time without having to start over.


Yes, you can go back

Regarding the riddles, I am still missing some. I found most of them with the ? on the map. Apparently there are still more out there, but i can't see anymore ? on the map.

there are several maps for each different area.

yeah, I'm still playing the game on 3 different levels...easy, med and almost done with the hard level. Once I find a 'new' riddle or whatever, I go and find it again in the other levels, too.

The hard level is really that....super hard. I've finished the story mode on the other tow levels relatively quickly, though. I was stuck at the part with Bane for the longest time...over a month or two until a week ago.