New to Xbox

Hi guys,

I've just traded my PS4 for an Xbox one, now looking for some guidance as to what games to buy.

I'm into RPG's, and FPS's, so what's the best ones out there on xbox?

Currently got Witcher III, and Eldar Scrolls Online.

Also looking to access the preview program if anybody would be willing to invite me.

Any advise would be grateful, Cheers.



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First off welcome to Xbox. I personally like xbox allot for multiple reasons and the most important is the community that surrounds it. So there are so many great games that your can get for xbox and even more game coming out every month. Since you sad you liked RPG's And FPS's games I have a couple of suggestions for you.

   GTA V - Now I know this game is bit on the expensive side but it's well worth it. In GTA V you can play an elaborate open world Role Play or even Online multiplayer. I especially like this game for its story line. It's very in depth and doesn't restrict how you'd like to play the game. One of the best RPG's ever made. You'll definitely meet allot of friend's on Multiplayer too.

  If your into MMORPG there is a free game on XBL Market place called Neverwinter. This is the first ever MMORPG to ever be on a console and is very fun to play with friends or random people. The game is very much like LOL or WOW. It's also an open world game that doesn't restrict you in anyway. You may think the controls are hard to learn but they are very easy. Very fun game.

 Cod AW one of the most played games on console today. This game just speaks for it self. If you liked any FPS game this is the game for you. It's more modernized you can do allot more than in anyother call of duty. Such as jump allot higher stomp on people for kills and a whole bunch more.

 Destiny I've never played this game my self but I know almost all of my friends play it. This game looks very cool it is just not a game I'd be into. Saying that Destiny is apparently a very fun game but has the most confusing story line ever created.

 Minecraft. This is a must have game. If you haven't heard of minecraft. I would look it up. This game is amazing and you cant go wrong buying it.

Assassins Creed Black Flag. Once again a great game. This game has a wonderful story line where you are the captain of a pirate ship. You can attack port, boats, forts. It's a game with endless possibilities. Note this game is a Pirate game. they do have guns but nothing like Cod or gta. This is more of a role play game but with cannons ships swords and awesome pirate ships.

So I hope that was of some help. I'f you'd like to know more games I'd be glad to help you out just give me more specifics of the games your looking for. Like if you want a game that's cool that you've never heard of or a game like Project Spark that is solely unique to Xbox One Just ask. Welcome to the community :)

  - Voss

Welcome to the Xbox Community!

I personally recommend the following games:


- Halo MCC (multiple FPS' in one)

- Minecraft

- Goat Simulator

I'm still growing my Xbox One library of games, but there the ones I recommend the most.

-TheJackah; Xbox & Windows Insider. Xbox Ambassador. Web Developer & Designer.

Welcome to Xbox.

These are my personal recommendations for each genre you may encounter:

RPG: Pier Solar and the Great Architects (Super nostalgic)

FPS: Halo: The Master Chief Collection

FIGHTING: Killer Instinct (Mostly Free)

ARCADE: Free Game with Gold (Switches out every month)

As for advice, just be sure to have fun. Make memories, good ones!

Here are some recommendations for these genres.

RPG: Dragon Age Inquisition, Dark Souls II.

FPS: Halo MCC, Far Cry 4, Metro Redux, Wolfenstein The New Order & The Old Blood, Battlefield 4, Titanfall

You sir have picked the right console if you like FPS games, Xbox has always have a better lineup of shooters than PlayStation.


I think Dead Rising 3, Dying Light are awesome in regards to open world zombie games.

Far Cry 4 is just brilliant.