New to Xbox, Any suggestions?

I got $20 in MS points (1600) left over here, And I'm stumped on what to get. Any decent games out there, arcade or not, preferably multiplayer and very active online. I already own Gears of War 1/2, and RB6V2, and Halo 3 so those are out of the way, But is there anything else decent to buy (remember, preferably multiplayer and online, doesn't matter if it's arcade or GoD, just $20 or less)

Thank you :3


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New game out called Deus Ex Human Revolution. Welcome to Xbox and the forums as well.

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Yeah, I seen that, I might get it in a few months, But still, what can I get with 1600 MS points that's decent :V

Don't buy games from games on Demand. It's a rip-off

Any good arcade games that fit the bill (multiplayer, popular online) then? I seen a few, like Section 8 Prejudice and Toy Soliders: Cold War, any of those popular?

I dont have Section 8 but I here it is really good. You've already got a few great games, Id spend the points on something like Uno or Bankshot Billards, thats just me though

It depends what you like.    If you like pinball I highly suggest trying out pinball fx 2.  it's free.  and all the table demos are free.    you pay for tables individually or in packs.    favorite tables - Fantastic four, spiderman, excaliber, pasha, wolverine, blade.

Other arcade gaems,   You can try from dust but I regret purchasing it.   umm.    uno is ok and it's probably one of the top card games on xbox live but you have to really love uno to enjoy it.   magic the gathering is pretty good, again if your into it.  

street fighter 3 just came out and I think the Mortal Kombat arcade collection comes out next week.

I like Full House Poker.  It has had some issues but it was a great party game.

Battlefield 1943 is very active. It would also be easier to give suggestions if I knew what type of games you liked.