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Gonna be honest to the Magic community, if it werent for the online console game I would never pay any attention to Magic, collecting dozens of cards?, not a chance, social gathering every friday or whatever just like thursday poker?, not in my life time...

But...I was browsing the dash the other day and saw this Magic ad to try the demo, played it and guess what?, loved it, got instantly hooked at the point that bought the game from marketplace. Was hard to understand at the beginning, never had any idea how to play them cards etc., but with enough tutorial and getting my rear kicked repetedly in campaing I finally grasped more or less the concept and mechanics and now I'm enjoying it at full.

I think it was a good move from whoever develops the card game to "translate" it towards online mode, it gives the chance to people like me to get to know such a good passtime from traditional card games.

In sum, excellent job!.






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we've asked for a 'true' version of MTG:Online for some time for console, but to no avail; the powers at be don't seem to see the console's marketplace as a viable moneymaker for virtual card sales.  or perhaps its due to security/cheating potential and issues.  Still, you CAN play on your PC...  Visit