New to the game! friends, co-op, etc

Hey, I just bought this game today.  Somehow I missed out on this.  I just started and I'm loving it!  I've been playing Diablo 3 since it was released and am bored with it.  Borderlands for xbox seemed like a great fit right now and since Borderlands 2 comes out next month, I want to play the heck out of this in the meantime. Went ahead and preordered Borderlands 2 while I was at gamestop.

So if any other noobs or noob friendly peeps wanna hit me up, I'm gonna be getting into this for sure!  


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hey add me i will play late late tonight! msg me...

ill def play jus let me kno ur lvl!

I will play.  Fridays nights or Saturday's anytime are the best time for me to play.  I have a lvl 61 Siren, and the rest are low levels.  So we can start from the beginning or whatever.

later tonight ill be on cuz im doing somthing till late so jus add me!

A little late to the party ahaha. But if you are still taking people I am basically a Vet of Borderlands and would love to join you. I am willing to start over or jump in, whatever suits you.