New to RDR

So my copy should arrive any day now, and would like to know what is this game is like? and also how is the multiplayer side?



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The single player is awesome. If you love single player games and their stories then this game would be sitting of your keeping self for years.


Multiplayer is awesome depending on what you wanna do. Though you will have a better experience with friends.


You can just stay in pvp matches to just kill people like every other multiplayer game. Though I left pvp last sept because of a clan of cheaters and I hear they are still playing. So idk if you would enjoy public matches and probably be best to play matches with friends or people who don't cheat.


But if you just want to chill with friends and just run around then you will have lots of fun in free roam. You can also chill playing poker and liars dice. RDR multiplayer has something for everyone including the zombie fanatics get Undead Overrun which is basically horde mode.


Also, I like to tell people about the Zebra donkey so they don't waste their time trying to legend (prestige) all the way.  The zebra donkey isn't really good and is actually slower that the black horse you get at your first lvl 40 no legend. It's faster off road but it can't jump and it over-reacts to hitting small rocks or shots leaving you unable to anything or move when someones shooting at you.

So, if you don't want to legend and have to level up to 50 again you don't have to worry. You'll only miss a bull, 2 buffalos, and the zebra donkey. You'll still have the best and fastest horse in the game, the American Standard.


Good luck and I hope you really enjoy the game.

Great thanks for the info!