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Hey everyone, I got an Xbox 360 a few months ago and have been going through the various games, I rented and then bought Halo Reach after playing ODST and I absolutely love it. I just recently got onto Xbox live so I can go online and play but I never have before and I'm not sure what the best way to go about it. I don't feel like I am a very good player, at least not up against other actual players, and I worry about people getting mad at me for being a noob. I really want to try the multiplayer as all the reviews I see for games talk about it in very large detail. What would be the best way for someone just starting out at playing with people online to join a game? I only have three friends on Xbox live and only one of them has Halo Reach but he doesn't play anymore so I can't start out playing with people I know. I wouldn't want to start a game and get yelled at for being bad and want to quit as I have seen that you get punished for that or get spammed by someone who was taking the game really seriously and I ruined it for them. This might sound a little redundant and I have seen other posts with similar questions but I wanted to ask for myself and see what people might say. Thank you in advance for reading and answering if you do.


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Rush Wraith or Banshee and Camp.

There you go, positive K/D and High Win/lose.

there's not much negative trash talking on Reach anymore tbh, one or two people who sing or wont shut up (mute them) but its not that bad.

Should imagine the MLG playlist might get a bit teasy if us 'newbs' go in there, but there all pretty anal anyway.

Short of that, i have started playing Reach again, so if your a 'team' player, i dontt care how bad you are, hit me up on there

- Mike

Tell you the truth. On line gaming Bytes. You'll always have Cheaters, Moders and members that go out of their way to make you feel like crap.  Best thing IMO is to try to spend time playing with True friends.


Good luck, have fun and may the force be with you.

I think it would be more fun playing with real friends but like I said, I don't have any that play Halo or even have Xbox's. I did just try playing a campaign game online and I did pretty good I think. Pretty much everyone kept leaving the game except for this one guy who stayed through to a second mission before quitting. We were also playing on Legendary and I was about matched with the guy I was playing with. No talking at all though which I never quite get.

I would like to think that I am a "team" player. I like team based combat games like Reach, Medal of Honor and Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare. I would much prefer working with a group of players working together then just a free for all killing spree.

Play Rumble Pit to get a feel for your skill against others and learn the multi-player maps. Then check out Infection (it's zombie tag) Otherwise jump in and just go for it. If you were holding your own on Legendary you should do okay online. But watchout, vs humans is a lot different than vs AI.

Welcome to the loony bin! I play reach a lot and always welcome a friendly teammate o by all means feel free to look me up and i  would be more then happy to run a few games with you.

in the process of moving but i dont mind another person to party up with. Don't worry, if you need some guidance and haven't gotten it yet I can help you out. I should be back online next weekend at the latest due to my moving siutation. And don't underestimate my GT, Im using the nickname i was given in highschool. I have a few other tags, but this is the main one i play under. send me a fiends request and i'll add you next time im on the computer. no xbox live until done moving though

My xbox is on the way back from repairs and Reach will be the first thing i play. I also need some more friends that are relaxed and don't care so much about K/D so feel free to add me.

Thanks everyone for the advice and the invites to play with people. This should make my introduction to more online multiplaying very enjoyable.

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