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Hey All, I'm totally new to Halo and I have had a few games online but I'm really struggling, Anyone have any basic tips to help me get started? Thanks in advance 


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LOL to bad you got here to late to see my Thread. I was asking the same thing about a month ago.The guys here are great and about 90% have really good info. Good luck with getting started and maybe see you on a map some day.

When shooting someone, aim for their head.

                       I would play swat or slayer... They help..... I do prefer swat more but the thing is swat is one shot one kill.... action sack is pretty fun....    And try not to shoot your team mates...      Play the campaign... if your friends start talking about it you wont be you will get better....... Rank does not matter............ If you see a real high rank don't be imitated because some people AFK to get ranks or just suck in general... (when ever I see a high rank I try to stay positive)....... Do try to improve commendations they do give you credits when you go up a tier ..... Hey and swat will help with the head-shot commendations...... and let me say I have heard switching from halo to COD is harder than switching

from COD to halo.......   Always try your best in a game.... you affect your team as well not just you.......    

                                              thats all I can really think of now I will post back if I can think of anymore things...


Thanks for the great info all, Will take all this in and try my hand at online again, Cheers All


What I would suggest is to first figure out what weapon you use the best.  Not which one you like the best, but which one you use the best.  I mean, I like the shotgun and all, but I am a complete turd with that weapon.  I use the Needle Rifle better than I do the if it comes to a game of PRO...I go with the Needle Rifle.

Secondly, I would suggest you get used to getting killed A LOT...but you have to look beyond that.  When you're playing a game, use your brain.  Save info.  Where are certain weapons.  When do they spawn.  Where is my spawn.  What are good vantage points.  Where is my egress.  If an enemy comes, am I in a position to run away or is this a place to go 100% ballz-to-the-wall.  What is the "blast radius" of this weapon.  Where is my enemy likely going to be.  Whats at my back.


Remember that if you are playing a game as a team (such as Team Slayer) as a team.  Don't throw a sticky grenade at an enemy who's standing right next to your teammate...not when the score is 48-49 and you're losing.  

Figure out which weapons suit you.

Stick with your teammates.

Try to be unpredictable.

Learn the maps and use the environment to your advantage.

Use callouts and pay attention to what your teammates are doing.

Watch your radar if it's available.

Tabasco Cat pretty much covered it all, but I would suggest 1 more thing ? If you haven't yet, Play through the Campaign ! You'll get a nice variety of use in weapons ! Just a thought, and most importantly, HAVE FUN !!