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Hello everyone,

I just purchased Red Dead Redemption a couple of days ago and must say, I love the game. I purchased this to give me something to do before Dead Island is released, but this game has really taken my interest. Since I am new, I do have a few quesions.

1) I purchased the DLC for golden guns because I had so many left over Microsoft Points. What exactly do the golden guns do? Do they give you anything extra, or are they just gold.

2) My question here is about discovering locations. I purchased a few maps, and it said I discovered these certain areas. What does that mean? I go to the map and look where is says I discovered, and there is nothing there. Also, can I discover places just by riding around and going to the town? If so, how do I discover it.

Thanks to anyone willing to answer these questions. Just curious about them.


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1) The golden guns just give you more honor and fame but nothing that great.

2) The maps just give you the locations so you don't have to go out and find 1 little area for 100%. But yea, you can discover locations by riding around but if you want that 100% achievement and is only missing one location in the whole world, then the maps come in handy.

Also, if you're going to be getting Dead Island, get the Undead Nightmare Collection. It's a GREAT and pretty cool DLC. You hunt Undead and save survivors and towns from the undead hordes. You also go through a crazy mission line.