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I am getting Forza 4.  It looks amazing.  With F4 only being a month away should i get F3 or just wait?  Will anyone still play F3 once F4 comes out?


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I would wait till Forza 4 personally, people will still play F3 but most will migrate to F4.

I would just carry on bashing zombie's untill F4 comes out - great fun :)

P.S if you want a more responsive and active forum for Forza, I woud head on over here at the offiicial forums.

Forza 3 is pretty cheap nowadays, I'd recommend picking it up and giving it a go

I wouldn't, no need, its only a month away.

There's no harm in picking up Forza 3 right now, since you can get it brand new, unopened for like twelve bucks from Walmart's website and I'd imagine it's similarly cheap elsewhere, not to mention that it should be even cheaper still to get it used, so a used copy must go for a handshake.  If one snags it for like eight quid used or twelve bucks new, either way it's more than one's money's worth even if they only get a few dozen hours of play time in before FM4 arrives.

If you plan to become a racer, get the game. I have 2 and 3. I could trade them in, but I don't. They are classic. Get Shift 2 Unleashed if you want a hard game. I have Shift 1, Prostreet, MX vs ATV Alive, Dirt 3, etc. I'm dying for F4 to come out. I've been a racer since Atari. I really started to love racing games with Super Nintendo and F-Zero. I was the yellow car FTW!

I'm new also, got my FORZA 4 LE preordered , last FORZA I played was on original xbox.

I will still be playing FM3 while I have FM4. I'm far from finished with 3 still.

I'm getting LCE for Forza 4.

Tell ya what, from what I've seen, the Forza series is making it easy for people who like racers. I personally love Forza 2, because it it gives you the sense of being out of control while remaining in control. I played the demo for Forza 3, and realised it wasn't for me. After playing this demo, I'm almost on the fence of whether to get 4 or not. I'm not feeling easily out of control, if anybody knows what I mean.

Loved the demo, this wil be the game to pull me away from Halo 3 finally