New to FIFA...basic questions

Ive always played the demos every year and love them, but im so into shooters or college football i never seem to have time to buy.  Well the demo impressed me so i bought it today.  My first question was going to be about penalty kicks, but i found out in practice how the aiming works, so at least now my shots dont haul-@@@ to nowhere....tho any advice would be appreciated none the less.


One major thing is shooting.  Now i just played my first exhibition match, and i scored 2 goals; 1 from a pass in front, and one from about 20'.  Both "did happen how i expected", but i cant help but feel like every shot i take is random.  Ive had a couple crosses come to far and when i try to hit them, espec on a volley, i smack the hell out of it and dont even come close.  I guess my question is what is some good advice for shooting??  I cant imagine its "lucky" everytime you get a good accurate shot in net, but i cant seem to get any accuracy regularly, which is why it feels random or lucky.  Any advice??  Thx in advance


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1) Switch shooting to either "assissted" or "semi."   2) Don't hold down the 'B' button for very long.  This will tend to sail shots way over the net.   3)  Try to do some finesse shots.  Hold "RB" and then hit "B"    4) I'm going to assume you are playing w/ a fairly decent team... learn the lob through ball.  "LB" and "Y".   If you have a forward making a run towards goal, this will (normally) pop the ball up over the defender onto your sprinting striker/winger.