New to Far Cry 3.....

I recently got this game and just hoped into the MP.  I'm having lots of fun even though I have only played TDM.  I was wondering if anyone that stills plays would mind sharing the things that speed up decoding with me.  Of course I will do the same in return., just msg or send me a friend request. Thanks.


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You want to get bang on with the campaign, brilliant game.

single player was great. multiplayer on the other hand wasn't developed by the same people so it trails very far from the far cry experience. more like cod if you ask me. vehicles online would of made it like cod but better in my opinion. decoding is for weapon and experience points unlocks. you earn decoders while either playing co-op or ranked versus matches. I usually never sell or trade weapon unlocks because they will come in handy a lot for you online

Play the campaign, you will be hooked for hours and hours. Way too much fun for a video game lol

Don't forget to go to that far cry outpost website to unlock second decoder.  So you can have two decoders working at same time.  Have the game turned off when trying to link your gamer tag to the site though.