New to Diablo III on Xbox 360!

Good morning fellow gamers! I'm new to Diablo III on Xbox 360. I've been playing on the PC since it was released. The console is an interesting change from the PC. Way more mobility for all classes. I decided to start with a Witch Doctor since I haven't played a WD on the PC. Very fun so far. I live in Fredericksburg, VA, male, 45 years old. I'm more of a family friendly type gamer since I play games with my children. I would like to join a tribe or guild if it exist yet.

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Nice to meet you Adomog. I've been playing Diablo since it came out on xbox and am always looking for some new people to game with. Im 27 with mic. Send me a friend request if interested

I'm down.  Send me a request.  I haven't played D3 until the console came out; I played D3 Expansion on PC like crazy back in the day; just like riding a bicycle.  I'm just looking to do some leveling, trading tips, etc.  37 y/o, will mic on request.

I'll join you if you like. Only thing is, is that I enjoy killing everything and searching everywhere possible. I don't like speeding though the game. Whats the fun in that. I like searching and killing simply cause you never know what you will find.. I have 2 characters so far. lvl 56 Witch Doctor, and lvl 55 Demon Hunter. I'm 30 years old, and have a mic that I rarely ever use. Send me a friend request if interested. THIRDxSINxSLOTH

hi  i have been playing diablo since realse on ythe pc and have not lnog got it for the xbox, im also a family friendly player as i also play with my kids on diablo i have a lvl 40 monk and a 10 wizard i will be looking for more gamers to play with once i have updated my xbox gold so send me a gamer request

Sent a FR and left you a message.  Feel free to send me a party invite if you see me on.  I am mostly on my Xbox One right now, but you can message me.  Also there is a good chance Diablo 3 is coming to Xbox One, so if you have one of those that would be my preferred platform if it comes out and when I buy it. =)