New to Borderlands - some advice on DLC

So, I've had Borderlands for a couple of years - but could never really get into it for some reason.  I've found recently how much more fun it is in co-op - and now I'm hooked.  So, I have all the DLC now, after I had already completed Arid Badlands and was in the middle of Rust Commons.  I started in on Zombie Island at that point which I'm almost done with - and I'm now at Level 35.

So, here's my question - what should I do next - and generally what order would you recommend?  Most of the articles/posts I've read on this topic assume you're on your second playthrough - which I am not.  So, if I am on my first playthrough - should I do all the DLC before I finish out the main game?  I've read that General Knox takes place after the main story finishes - but I'm not sure of what happens when I finish the main game and whether or not it will allow me to keep playing or if the game truly "ends".

I hope this makes sense - but if anyone has recommendations of a way to do this that will be most fun - I would appreciate it.



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Personally...I'd play the main game, all the way through to PT2, before I went to any of the DLC.  Then I'd do either Gen. Knoxx or Zombie Island.  Knoxx will have Crawmerax and that'll provide better weapons.  Some areas will be locked, if you don't have the mission to go there...unless you play in someone else's game that has went there.  But I had to play it this way, since I got it when it came out and bought the DLC as it came out too. 

BTW, co-op is the only way to play this game.    

Zombie Island 1st,General Knox second,Clap Trap Revolution last. I still haven't finished the claptrap one,i was wondering if anyone wanted to do a little co-op hit me up hehehe.

do the release order... the story line goes the best like that.

but if you are just going to weapon hunting... then do your playthrough 1 and get all the claptrap repair kits, and finish that playthrough then go on to Zombie or the Underdome, do the three 5 round maps get a skill point, if you want one. Do Zombie Island it's really one of the fastest to do DLCs if you just do the main quests you can get it done in under 1 hour, I know because I play it just to get the claptrap repair kit for the backpack upgrade, when you get that there is just the boss left. From their been doing the Claptrap Revolution because It's even faster to get to the backpack SDU ... only three missions from the start and you can get it. Then I go to the Knoxx and work on that, with more backpack space... and hunting for weapons in Knoxx i hold more. After getting as far as you can get in knoxx, start your playthrough two back at firestone, and see if you are lucky to get more backpack space in the cave or at the safe house. Then I would just go back to Zombie island get the claptrap at the lumber yard, for more backpack space, finish that. Go to the Claptrap revolution and do the three missions to get more backpack space, and then do Knoxx on Playthrough 2 and make sure later to finish the main game on playthrough 2 and then go back to knoxx and play with that bug people just love to kill.

this is only recommend to players who've played the game many times over and over and over, but if it's your first time, then do all and every mission.

I just got the game yesterday.  i have the dual General KNox and  Zombie Island disk as well  but i havent installed that yet!.    I played a little of the gameon my own as a single player compain.. but  when i started to play the  Multiplayer Coop mode... man that alk abotu FUN as sheeeeeeet... ..   it seems that playing COOP is the best way to play..specially if you get people that are willing to  work with you during the game.. using voice etc etc..   thats what makes the game FUN!!

So.. if i dont install the addon pack.. will that effect the online play?!?!   wiht someone else that has the add on pack?!?  cause i know there is FOUR addone  and i only got TWO of them ..  so far!..  but i also dindt knwo if i should play the game through beore installing the addon ?!?!


correction... the dual pack addons is the ZOMBIE ISLAND and  Mad Moxxies Underdome Riot!!..    will it affedt the online game if i dont have them installed yet?!?! and do i need the other two as well?!?

The only thing about not having the DLC, would be if you tried to join someone else's game that had wouldn't be able to.  Like I said, I'd play the main story all the way through both play throughs and then do the DLC. 

Thats what i thought... . so  i  am  planning on doing  that.. to play it through  whether solo or mutliplayer before i put the DLCs that way i know that ppeople WHO DONT  have the  DLCS  would be able to join me..  so  i can learn the game as i go along!.. Right now i am solo trying to fight off bonehead hehe! i wasting alot of ammo on him ,.,. his sheilds  and health  regenerate FAST!

it seems the two more popular DLCs that people like for online play is the Knoxx because of that and the patch you can get to level 69 also some like Moxxi just for the storage bank, where you can keep weapons found and go looking for more. Other than that read my previous post in this topic.