New to BF: BC2

Hey, just got this game a couple days ago. The only other battlefield I have played is 1943. Me and buddy are looking forward to BF3 so we thought we should get some time in on this one so that we are not completely lost when we pick up BF3. So, is there any tips you guys & girls can give me on the different modes. I have only played Conquest so far and have really enjoyed it. I am playing as an engineer. Any classes that are over played? Thanks for any insight. 


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Please watch this video

Thanks, that actually helped quite a bit.

Keys to Battlefield Success

-Be a team player; remember to use your abilities (ammo, revive, medkit, repair, motion sensor)

-Play the objectives; the only thing that matters in BF is winning, not kill/death ratio or any other stats

-Use the terrain to your advantage; the maps are huge, so no need to run right up the middle

-Take your time; defensive positions are often fortified and snipers are everywhere, so don't rush

-Use your resources; the vehicles and mounted guns are there for a reason, use them

-Remember everything is destructible; some building types can be leveled destroying m-comms in them, also forests can be cleared

and afcourse..

Welcome!!! I really hope you will enjoy the game!

I get a kick out of that video every time someone posts it on the forums. It has some really good info too. Also, to add to the any class. You should try different combos on the 3 special abilities you have. I use the extra explosives when I have the engineer class equipped. And you get something like 5-6 anti-tank mines a life. I would make sure to use them all before you die, because most people driving vehicles don't look out for these things. Also, the mines blend into some of the maps very well. Especially, the Vietnam DLC. I had a match where I got 12 out of 17 kills from mines.

Play like it's real, and you won't fail.

Dont forget to SPOT!

[quote user="Count Nachos"]

Dont forget to SPOT!



So many people dont do this


I know and it bugs me so much. I try and spot everything i see. Ive even taken deaths because i was spotting instead of shooting. I dont mind though. Ill gladly take a death if it means my team have a couple of markers to look for.

If you 'spot' someone and it doesn't register, don't spam the button, wait three seconds and do it again. It only happens when you 'spam' the back button trying to spot in a panic. Chill a moment, ADS and spot them again. good hunting.