new spells and weapon fortification

alright so i just beat the undead burg area and unlocked the shortcut (elevator) between the firelink shrine and undead parish.  I see all these people using soul arrows and talking about making your own custom spells and I'm a level 16 pyromancer and all I have is the fireball spell.  It's a fine spell but I want to branch out and have more than 8 spells per life....  I mean I have the Drake sword but I tend to stay alive longer using mage.  any help appreciated.


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Aint got a clue im a level 20 theif use an axe and the halberd I have no spells whatsoever by the look of the forums im missing tons of things although I do have a great 100% physical shield and a load of good armour from the dark garden, im beginning to wonder if i need spells ect.

Then again im not using any guides either bought or online im just making my own way through the world totally clueless and you know what im really enjoying it that way.


for a catylse(you need to to cast spells) and the souls arrow spell, you can get this from the very beginning of the game after youve completed the tutorial level and the crow drops you off. at the bon fire in firelink shrine, theres some stairs BEHIND the bonfire, trust me, if you look at it, youd walk RIGHT by them and not even know that there were stairs there. just keep walking around the bon fire until you see some stairs going down, its best to have the camera looking DOWN at the ground as you will see the stairs clearly once you walk near them. you follow that path and down teh stairs, past the lady behind the bars, and down some more stairs and follow the path and youll come to a elevator. take the elevator down, and once you get off the elevator, you follow the path, down the stairs, and you will see some zombies thats lost it, they wont attack you, they just laying down, maoning, leaning against the walls, chillin. you go all the way to the right to the edge, and there should be some stairs that go to a dead end on your left, go down the stairs to the dead end, in the wall, is a man behind some bars, thats the guy that sells you a spell and a cataylse to use the soul arrow.