New specializations?......

I honestly don't understand why this should be a problem. Buttttttt Why do I only have wetwork and operator specializations. Kinda annoying seeing everyone else with all the others and im stuck with just 3..... I got the game the day it came out. Not pre ordered but the day it came out. Whatsup!? im pissed lol


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welcome to the club!  talk about alienating the fanbase!

Talk about the fanbase stressing out a bit too much.

you and I both buy a new car, mine comes with all the bells and whistles, yours dont, we bought same car mind you, only I drove mine before you drove yours, so mine comes with bluetooth,backup camera, moonroof, 100 disc cd changer, yours comes with a tapedeck, and a record player... because you didnt start driving it till the 21st.  you wouldnt mind eh?  

Vinyl sounds better than CD's. Blutooth drains your phone battery. Moonroofs leak. Backup cameras give people a false sense of security and they back out into traffic. I'd say guy number 2 got the better deal.

obviously you have your specializations