New Slim Xbox Freezing up on Game Room WTF!!!

 I like the Game Room , but wanted more games... Anyway after getting my but killed online I just wanted to play some Time Pilot, and some Food Fight!!!

My system ONLY locks up on this. I can reset and try again ,but before I start a game same thing.


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This is my 4th Xbox and not the original that I purchased the games on.

It happens with Game Room a lot, mainly because MS patched it a few months ago, the patch broke the UI, and MS has no interest in fixing it, since they've appeared to have all but abandoned Game Room. (They responded to a BBB complaint by showing interest in it, then claiming they couldn't replicate the issue, despite a full forum here at of people who had the issue at one time or another. The last thing I remember was a statement that with the upcoming Windows 7 version of Game Room coming, they didn't have the time to take to find out what was wrong. The old Game Room forums here at are gone now, so no idea if anyone involved in the complaint ever heard from them again.

Some people say if you clear your cache, switch to "list only" instead of showing off your arcade, or uninstall/reinstall Game Room that the problem will go away. Don't know if any of that works though - I had the problem for about a week, and one day it just went away on it's own.