New Silver Xbox wireless controller

Does anyone know that with the newer xbox box controller that when using the Play and Charge kit that the controller swaps to a wired mode. i know that with the older ones they would stay wireless even with the Play and Charge kit. does anyone know if this is correct? i was thinking of getting the Razer onza but it seems like there are alot of bad reviews on it.


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I don't really know what you're talking about in terms of the silver controller. Does it really matter what "mode' it's in as long as it works?


On a sidenote I bought the Razor Onza when it came out and it's just a terrible controller. I had high hopes for it because it looked good on paper but the thing is cheaply made and defective (lots of people have reported this) and I sold mine a few days after buying it. You're much better off with the MS controllers.

the wired ones are a bit more responsive compared to the wireless ones, to soome people it does matter, i have never tryed a wired controller on the 360 so i really dont know. im just looking to try it out since i play alot of FPS

The play and charge kit is just that a charge kit that allows you to play while charging. It does not turn it into a wired controller.

i wasnt sure. i heard on Rebel FM that one of the host said that the new controller acts as a wired controller when pluged in but i wanted to see what other had to say. if this is confirmed

No. It does not.