New Season Pass?


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New Season Pass? What do you mean?

Does anyone think they will be another season pass after the mystery character is realeased with a new batch of characters?

Thats what I posted but it didnt show up for some reason?

Ah, well I don't think so right now. They're testing the waters with the DLC, seeing how well they sell before they attempt more characters. If they decide more characters later on, it's a possibility if the Season Pass has sold plenty.

Oh well heres hoping!

Actually I think they might I mean the did say this was 'Summer DLC'.. So who knows.

Like Blessings said its called Season Pass not Discount pass or Summer Pass so maybe they have more characters lined up if these ones do good for other seasons

There is rumor of a second season pass floating around. Of Course I do remember Ed Boon mentioning in his E3 interview that after this batch of DLC was released that they would take a one month break before doing anything more i regards to DLC. I would think it was called Season Pass for a reason so that they could have one for Summer and another for say Winter season. Would be too soon to call it a Fall Pass now wouldnt it? :)

i think theyll be abandoning ship after 4th char releases. I can see a 5th char or some kind of challenge packs but anything after that? prob MK 2 development